Prodigal Son 2020 return date: When does show come back on for Season 1, Episode 11?

Prodigal son season 1 episode 11 return date 2020
Actor Tom Payne stars as Malcolm Bright in FOX’s Prodigal Son. Pic credit: Prodigal Son/YouTube

Fans of the American crime drama series Prodigal Son are ready for the show to come back on with a brand new episode in 2020.

The thrilling series starring Tom Payne and Lou Diamond Phillips has been on a hiatus since early December, leaving viewers anxiously awaiting the next installment after Episode 10’s cliffhanger.

Here’s more about what’s going on with the popular FOX show and when it will come back on with Season 1, Episode 11.

What happened last on Prodigal Son?

As fans know, the show follows the story of Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) a former FBI agent who now works with the NYPD. He’s also got an infamous serial killer father, Dr. Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen).

With Whitly committed to an insane asylum for his 23 murders under the moniker The Surgeon, Malcolm has to come face-to-face with him for help with a copycat case. He finds himself going back to get his father’s help with other disturbing crimes.

Throughout the season, Malcolm has also dealt with troubling memories from his past. Lou Diamond Phillips stars as NYPD lieutenant Gil Arroyo, the arresting officer who brought Whitly in and has acted as a surrogate father for Malcolm.

Episode 10 was the fall finale called Silent Night that left viewers with a pretty big cliffhanger. Malcolm had been investigating a murderer named known as the Junkyard Killer. He came close to finally apprehending him, but the killer named John Watkins knocked out Malcolm and took him somewhere.

Meanwhile, Malcolm’s investigation wasn’t really known by the NYPD, so they seem to be unaware of where he was for several hours. That left Malcolm Bright in serious danger as Episode 10 concluded.

In addition to Payne and Phillips, Prodigal Son also stars Halston Sage, Aurora Perrineau, Frank Harts, and Keiko Agena. As mentioned, Michael Sheen is Malcolm’s father The Surgeon. Bellamy Young plays Malcolm’s mother Jessica Whitly.

When is Prodigal Son returning to TV with a new episode?

Fans can watch Prodigal Son Season 1, Episode 11 when it returns on Monday, January 20, 2020.

The new episode is called Alone Time and will be the second-to-last for the season. Episode 12, called Internal Affairs, will be the finale, although it’s unknown if that’s for the season or series.

Viewers will be anxiously watching to see whether or not Malcolm can outwit the Junkyard Killer and if the team will be able to get to him in time. In the meantime, viewers needing to catch up on the previous 10 episodes can do so with FOX Now and Hulu.

Prodigal Son airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX.

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2 years ago

i usually don’t watch shows like this but this show is different, i enjoy watching it, although there have been a couple of really scary episodes. the way it ended was totally not expected when his sister freaked out and killed. it was funny when his father started a riot in prison, but i do like this show, when is it coming back on for the 2nd season