Pretty Little Mamas on MTV: What happened to the show?

Chandlar and Nicole mourning their friend
Will Pretty Little Mamas return or was it canceled? Pic credit: MTV

Pretty Little Mamas was missing from the MTV lineup Thursday night, something that caught the eye of fans who had tuned in to see what was next for some of the girls. The show was filled with drama from the beginning, so why wouldn’t people get hooked?

The premiere of Pretty Little Mamas was heavy. Fans learned about the five friends and their relationships with one another. One incident, in particular, was highlighted, the murder of their friend Briana Williams.

That was the defining moment for a possible reconciliation between the queen bee Nicole and heavily-pregnant Chandlar. The two had a falling out over Aaron, the man that Chandlar was expecting a child with and who had been in the picture for years. Coming face to face at Briana’s memorial on the sixth anniversary of her death was important for the once best friends.

Viewers tuned in Thursday night to see where things would go with Chandlar and Nicole, but there was no new episode of Pretty Little Mamas. In fact, there was no episode at all. It looked like it was being switched to Monday nights with the third episode set to air Monday, September 17, but that has been pulled as well.

As of now, episode four of Pretty Little Mamas is still on the schedule to air September 24. Whether or not it will air is another thing entirely. MTV hasn’t said much about it, but the buzz has died down and now, fans want answers.

Will Pretty Little Mamas be canceled or is there something else behind the delay and disappearing act done by the network?

Pretty Little Mamas is currently in limbo but it should be back Monday, September 24.

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