Briana Williams murder: Pretty Little Mamas films sixth anniversary of friend’s tragic death

The cast of Pretty Little Mamas in front of Briana Williams' memorial
Pretty Little Mamas stars mourning their friend Briana Williams — Pic Credit: MTV

Pretty Little Mamas just debuted on MTV and already there are plenty of questions surrounding the show. The group of five friends is navigating life together and they are all connected to one special person who was mentioned on the show but isn’t appearing on it.

Who is Briana Williams?

Briana Williams was called Bree by her close friends and family members. She was the fifth friend that completed a group of young women who have been friends for years. Just a year after high school, Williams was met with an untimely demise.

What happened to Bree?

On Pretty Little Mamas, the girls talked about their friend Bree. She was one of the best friends they had and fit into their social circle with no issues. Unfortunately, Briana Williams was murdered along with her mother.

During one of the confessionals on Pretty Little Mamas, it was revealed that Briana Williams was murdered. Upon further digging, the story of her death was unearthed and was proven to be devastating to everyone who knew her well.

Back in July 2011, Briana Williams was murdered by her brother alongside her mother. Brian Rockwell Williams stabbed both his mother and sister, and they died from the injuries sustained.

It was something that rocked the family to their core. With Bree’s mother being gone, her siblings were left to pick up the pieces of the double murder that occurred.

Brian Rockwell Williams was said to have been taking the death of his father hard, leading to suspicions he may have just snapped and killed his mother and sister. Donna Williams was found in her daughter’s room dead and Bree Williams was found on the lawn.

What happened to Brian Rockwell Williams?

As it turns out, a judge found that Brian Rockwell Williams was not competent to stand trial. He used an insanity plea and it was discovered he was not taking his schizophrenia medicine at the time the murders happened.

Bree Williams was talked about during Pretty Little Mamas because the girls went to her memorial at the six-year anniversary of her slaying. That was July 18, 2017, which means the show was taped over a year before airing.

All of the Pretty Little Mamas stars were affected by Briana Williams’ murder. Each year they remember her on that day and this time, she may have helped to heal wounds between the women.

Pretty Little Mamas airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on MTV

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