Preston Roberts and Eustace Conway in truck disaster on Mountain Men

Eustace and an inset of his out-of-control truck on Mountain Men
Eustace looks on in horror as his truck hurtles out-of-control down a hill on Mountain Men

Preston Roberts and Eustace Conway suffer a catastrophe on this week’s Mountain Men — after they lose control of Eustace’s truck at the top of a hill and it careers down a dirt path on the road to ruin.

Eustace’s face says it all in the picture above after watching his beloved truck — which he had fixed up to his own liking several years ago — slip away from him and Preston as they try to fix a problem underneath.

The pair had been trying to transport timber planks in a rush when the problem arose.

In the footage captured for the show, Preston lies on his back trying to fix the issue but the truck suddenly starts moving off.

There’s nothing that the pair can do but run after it with no chance of catching it up.

They are left watching the inevitable as the barrels on the back of the truck flip off and the truck speeds out of view.

As you can imagine, in an episode titled Race to Ruin, it doesn’t end well.

The episode also sees the pair trying to stop a fire getting out of control — while an early melt means bears are on the hunt for food earlier than they normally would be in the Great Alaska Range.

We told last month how donations for Preston’s family had topped $100,000 after Eustace set it up in Preston’s honor following his death in July.

Preston passed away following a battle with cancer after an inoperable tumor was found on his liver.

You can still donate to the fundraising page — with all donations going to Preston’s wife Kathleen — by visiting the link here.

Mountain Men airs Thursdays at 9/8c on History.

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