Powerful demon and psychic vampire terrorizing West Virginian family on The Dead Files

The Dead Files are headed to West Virginia, Steve and Amy pictured here with a strong light behind them.
The Dead Files heads to West Virginia where a demon and vampire are causing problems

This week on The Dead Files, Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan are headed to Ripley, West Virginia, where a family are being terrorized by a demon.

Ripley is a small city with not much to distinguish it from hundreds of others, but one home is being subject to attention that is anything but mundane. A father has called out for help as something has been attacking his family, seemingly draining them of energy and leaving them living in fear.

Amy and Steve’s investigation finds that a demon of some sort could be responsible for making them so scared. They also encounter what they describe as a psychic vampire, that is sucking the very life force itself from its unfortunate victims.

Psychic vampires don’t really appear much in mythology or even folklore, though sexual ones like the succubi or incubi are common.

The Dead Files airs on Saturdays at 10 P.M. on Travel Channel.

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