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Pit Bulls & Parolees exclusive video: Boise family adopts Coco Beans, who ‘army crawls’ to their arms

Boise family Michael and Katie meet Coco who army crawled to them. Pic credit: Animal Planet
Boise family Michael and Katie meet Coco who army crawled to them. Pic credit: Animal Planet

Dog rescuing is one of the best things you can do to alleviate suffering and help shelters lower the population of discarded and unwanted animals.

And for one Boise family who knew of the Villalobos adoption process through observing their friends adopt a dog, it became a reality captured for the Animal Planet show Pit Bulls & Parolees.

After falling in love with their friend’s dog, this family from the Gem State decided it was time to add a four-legged member to their own family.

On tonight’s heartwarming episode, we have an exclusive preview clip that goes inside this adoption process at the Villalobos Adoption Center.

Opening the clip, Tia explains her process for adoption: “I would say our adoption process is thorough. When we get a referral for an adoption from a previous adopter, it does help. It definitely does make us go ‘oh wait, you know, this might be good.’ So I decided to have Earl and Juve handle this one.”

We meet Michael, who introduces himself: “My name is Michael from Boise, Idaho. My daughter Katie came with me, and we are here to find a pit bull to become part of our family. Our friends actually adopted a dog from Villalobos, and I got to see that process and then fall in love with the dog… so I thought it would be a good opportunity to help a dog that needed a home and well we can provide that.

Enthused to be there with her dad, Katie tells Earl what she wants: “I want one [dog] that I can run walks with and play with, and go outside and have some fun, but I want one that I can, like, hang out, go sit down, just pet just… have some fun.

Adding more explanation is Tia, who gives her opinion about adoption: “We do get a lot of applications from first-time dog owners. And adopting a senior dog, the right senior dog, is a great way to go, you know they are more settled down, you get to know their personality really well. I think it’s just a good start for someone who’s never owned a dog.”

Earl talks about Coco Beans, who was a fighting dog before being rescued.

He says: “Coco came to us from Texas…She’s a people dog, she’s a very outgoing girl. Only thing going on with Coco is that she’s starting to get gray like me.”

Then bursting through the door is one happy dog. We meet Coco Beans, brought in to meet the family from Idaho.

Coco loses her canine mind when she comes in to meet with them, and it’s wonderful to see their first meeting and see that they aren’t looking for any other dog, and Coco’s excitement wasn’t diluted or wasted with other dogs being brought in to compare.

And it appears that Coco clearly picked them! It looks like the sweet old girl is going to be running the famous Boise Greenbelt that hugs the stunning Boise river and running around in the City of Trees leafy parks, having the life and barking at the squirrels and geese.

Noting a desire to change his routine, Michael says: “I’ve been wanting to do more walking more hiking, and I thought a dog with that
much energy will definitely he fit the bill, so I thought it was gonna be a tough choice.”

In closing voice-over, we hear Tia offer a profound quote to remember always, especially in a city like Boise where kindness is king: “We all need each other, and the dogs need all of us it’s just the way it has to be.”

What is Pit Bulls & Parolees?

Animal Planet’s award-winning series is into season 10 now and returns with all-new premieres featuring the New Orleans-based, Villalobos Rescue Center, the largest Pit Bull rescue in the United States.

Each episode follows Tia Torres and her blood relatives and extended returning citizen family who provide a second chance for Pit Bulls and a fresh start for these parolees too.   Villalobos specializes in the harder to place pit bulls, but they rescue all breeds in need. At Villalobos, no dog is left behind.

This season, Lizzy, Tania, and Mariah create a “retirement center” at one of the warehouses to give the senior dogs a special place to call home. For the first time, the rescue team celebrates Halloween, with a benefit the hundreds of dogs in their care.

Later in the season, a special two-hour crossover episode features Tia partnering with Amanda Giese from the Animal Planet series, Amanda To The Rescue.

From Animal Planet:

Amanda travels from Washington State to New Orleans to collaborate with Tia to help Bean, a shy dog who suffered a traumatic leg injury after being shot. In the second hour, viewers meet Mai Tai and Sweet Roll, a deaf mother-daughter pup duo, and Super Scootie, a pint-sized ten year-old Pomeranian born with flipper feet who needs massive dental care after living alone in a home for an entire year

Pit Bulls & Parolees airs Saturday, October 5 at 9 pm ET/PT.

From Tia: OCTOBER is Pit Bull Awareness Month, Oct 27 is Pit Bull Awareness Day!

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