Peyton Pritchard on Southern Charm: Who is she?

Peyton Pritchard from Southern Charm
Peyton Pritchard was dumped by Shep Rose on RelationShep before heading to Southern Charm

Peyton Pritchard may look familiar to some Southern Charm fans. She has connections in the Bravo world, something that shouldn’t shock anyone who pays attention to the shows and stars.

Initially, we were introduced to Peyton Pritchard during the first season of RelationShep. It was a show based on the premise of Shep Rose finding love. He has been a serial dater, something that was noted several times on Southern Charm.

Things looked promising for Peyton Pritchard and Shep Rose as she made it to the final two on the show. Unfortunately, he broke up with her and the other finalist in an effort to try to build something with a girl who left earlier in the season. Despite not being chosen, she was still friendly with Shep.

Fast forward to now, and Peyton Pritchard is now on Southern Charm. While she met Shep back in Los Angeles, she grew up in Virginia. Now that she is in with the Charleston crowd, things are getting a little bit shaky. The vibe isn’t what she thought it would be but despite that, she is keeping her head held high.

Despite the initial thoughts that she may have come to Charleston with ulterior motives, Peyton Pritchard has established herself there. Things may not have worked out with Shep Rose, but she definitely got her foot in the door after dating him.

Southern Charm airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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