Pepsi’s new ‘alien encounter’ commercial for 2019: Watch William H. Macy ad in full

Pepsi Commercial with William H. Macy
William H. Macy stars in the brand new Pepsi ‘alien encounter’ commercial. Pic credit: Pepsi

Pepsi has stepped it up for their newest commercial, pulling in Hollywood superstar William H. Macy for a memorable alien encounter commercial.

The commercial starts with an unidentified object appearing in Wyoming. Symbols are orbiting around the alien ship and the military is trying to figure out what the ship is and what it wants.

A press conference is also shown, where journalists are trying to figure out what this ship is doing in Wyoming and what it wants.

That’s when the commercial cuts to William H. Macy, standing in front of a Pepsi vending machine. In the background, a reporter reveals that it has been 19 days and there has been no contact. The symbols continue to be the focus of journalists, the military and citizens.

Macy turns around and looks out at the ship. And that’s when he catches a glimpse of one of the symbols and it looks like the Pepsi logo. Macy looks down at the can and gets an idea.

He walks outside, strolls right up the ship, pops open a can of Pepsi and starts drinking it. A huge ‘alien’ robot then jumps out and approaches William. The robot bows its head and it opens up, before a small and adorable creature — resembling a gremlin from the 1984 movie Gremlins — is revealed, reaching out for the Pepsi can.

In true can-sharing fashion, the little alien wipes off the can with its little hand. After the creature takes a sip, it utters a sentence, which is translated via subtitles: “What the #[email protected]&! took you so long, man?”

The creature then jumps back into the ship and it takes off. William H. Macy yells out, “you owe me a $1.”

You can watch the full commercial below.

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