Paul Teutul and Paul Jr. are back! American Chopper returning to Discovery in 2018

Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Jr. on American Chopper
Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Jr. are both returning for a new season of American Chopper in 2018

It’s been over half a decade since American Chopper last graced our screens — now Paul Teutul and son Paul Jr. are returning for an all-new season in 2018!

The pair fell out as the original series unfolded over the seasons with Paul Jr. eventually leaving Orange County Choppers to set up his own motorcycle design company, Paul Jr. Designs.

What was American Chopper became American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior in 2010, with that show’s last episode airing in December 2012.

The all-new series of American Chopper will follow them as they aim to try and mend their bad blood and form a relationship again, while pushing their brands to new limits and trying to reclaim their spots at the top of the industry.

American Chopper in its heyday was Discovery’s most popular show with an average of 3.4million viewers an episode at its height.

Since the show last went to air, Paul Sr has totally revamped Orange County Choppers turning it into a massive complex with everything from a restaurant and cafe to a bowling alley.

But after shelling out huge sums to create it, he’s struggling with the high costs of running the place while not that many people are actually stepping through the doors.

Paul Jr. has also been up against it as he customers who want the top-end custom-builds that he provides getting harder to come by. On top of that, he now his own family to feed.

Can the father-and-son duo fix their past problems and move forward stronger together?

American Chopper returns to Discovery in winter 2018.

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