Patrick Rothfuss goes in search of the Mothman on Myth or Monster

Myth or Monster investigates the Mothman
Myth or Monster examines the legend of the Mothman

This week on Myth or Monster, author Patrick Rothfuss goes in search of the local legend that has inspired a book series, appeared in The X-Files and even has a festival of its own…the Mothman.

Rothfuss is keen to find out more about the legend of the Mothman, especially as a recent sighting has renewed local interest in this fascinating local folktale.

The reports of sightings first emerged in West Virginia near Charleston and Point Pleasant back in 1966 and 1967.

The first one to be published in the press was a sighting by Roger and Linda Scarberry who were out with their friends Stave and Mary Mallette. They reported seeing two red lights whilst out for a drive. When they stopped the car they discovered that the lights were really eyes and seemed to be attached to a large animal of some sort.

They said it was about 7 feet tall with large wings and it pursued them when they fled the scene in their car.

Point Pleasant bridge
Point Pleasant bridge collapsed killing 46 people

The Mothman has also been identified as a harbinger of doom, with several sightings near the Point Pleasant bridge prior to its collapse, which tragically killed 46 people.

Myth or Monster airs on Fridays at 10:00 PM on Travel Channel. 

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