Patient’s ‘unbelievable’ weight gain in six weeks stuns doctor on TLC’s Skin Tight

Megan struggles to deal with the situation, feeling she has let everybody down
Dr. Nowzardian cannot believe Megan has gained back 46-lb and now must lose it again

Weight-loss surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzardian is left stunned on this week’s episode of Skin Tight on TLC — after his patient Megan manages to put on 46-lb in just six weeks.

Watch the footage below as Dr. Nowzardian gives Megan a check-up before realizing how much she has put on since her gastric lap-band surgery and first tummy tuck.

The weight-loss specialist is visibly disappointed, and must now redo her tummy tuck.

But he then puts her to the test, as she must now lose the weight again so she can get all of the skin removal surgery she has her heart set on.

This week’s episode deals with both Megan and another patient, Ashley, who both face uphill battles in their fight to get the bodies they want.

The pair have practically each shed the weight of a grown adult man from their frames, collectively losing over 400-lb between them.

Megan struggles to deal with the situation, feeling she has let everybody down
Megan struggles to deal with the situation, feeling she has let everybody down

The heartbreaking clip below focuses on Megan, who at just 34 has loose skin after surgery that is so disfiguring she cannot feel comfortable in herself.

Added to that, her lap-band is not restricting her appetite anymore, which is why she was able to put on the 46-lb much to Dr. Nowzardian’s dismay.

We also learn that typical of many of Dr. Nowzardian’s weight loss candidates, Megan experienced childhood trauma when she was an obese teenager bullied in high school.

It was when she graduated that she finally had the lap-band procedure, but complications and weight gain now have jeopardized her skin removal surgery.

Not seen in the clip is Ashley, a 24-year-old social worker. Though young, she has joint pain like an octogenarian caused by her excess skin.

Her boyfriend professes he loves her but she is repulsed by her own body and does not allow him to touch her, or let her arms and legs be seen in public.

Both Megan and Ashley desperately want skin removal surgery to normalize their appearances and to move forward with their lives.

Skin Tight airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TLC

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