Pat Sajak welcomes Ryan Seacrest to Wheel of Fortune: ‘You’re never gonna find a better job’

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Ryan received a warm welcome from Pat as he passed the baton. Pic credit: ©

Ryan Seacrest received a warm welcome from his Wheel of Fortune predecessor, Pat Sajak.

Pat bid adieu to his hosting job after 41 seasons on the air.

Following his incredible run on weeknight TV, Pat met up with his longtime co-host, Vanna White, and his successor, Ryan Seacrest, to film Wheel of Fortune’s “Handoff” teaser.

Wheel of Fortune shared the recording on its official YouTube channel in a video titled, “Handoff – New Season Coming This Fall! | Wheel of Fortune.”

The video began with the Wheel of Fortune board reading, “This Fall.”

Next, Pat told Ryan, “Well, this is it, Ryan. What do you think?” as they approached the stage with Vanna between them.

Pat Sajak thinks Ryan Seacrest will enjoy interacting with Wheel of Fortune contestants

“Impressive, Pat!” was Ryan’s reaction.

Next, Vanna spoke to Ryan, telling her future co-host that the contestants would “love” him.

Pat chimed in, “I think what you’re gonna enjoy most is meeting the players and getting to know the audience at home.”

“It’s such a part of people’s lives,” Ryan added.

Pat acknowledged that people love Wheel of Fortune, sharing that people come up to him and Vanna “every day” to thank them for offering a 30-minute TV slot for the whole family to enjoy.

Ryan told Vanna and Pat they “both make it look so easy.”

“Well, you’re never gonna find a better job,” Pat added. “And you’re never gonna find a better co-host.”

Vanna thanked Pat for the compliment before the clip announced that Ryan would join Vanna next fall on Wheel of Fortune.

Pat Sajak dishes on retirement to his daughter, Maggie Sajak

While Ryan gears up to take over the reins at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California, Pat is embarking on retirement.

During a recent interview, Pat told his daughter (Maggie Sajak, Wheel of Fortune’s Social Correspondent) that he knew this was the right time to leave the show.

Pat admitted that each time a contract came up, he would ask himself, “Do I still have it? Can I still do this job well and not embarrass myself or others?”

Pat told Maggie he never intended to do the job and then “keel over on it.”

He admitted that he’d rather leave two years too early than two years too late.

The 77-year-old added that he tried to treat his final season on Wheel of Fortune like any other.

And although he’s retiring from hosting a game show, he isn’t completely turned off by the idea of working another gig – but the opportunity would have to be just right.

In the meantime, Pat says he’s looking forward to solving his crossword puzzles and playing with his future grandchildren as he approaches retirement.

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