Pat Sajak takes jab as Wheel of Fortune contestant struggles to solve puzzle: ‘Like pulling teeth’

pat sajak on hulu
Pat Sajak is getting more vocal regarding Wheel of Fortune contestants’ performances. Pic credit: Hulu

One Wheel of Fortune contestant’s struggle was host Pat Sajak’s opportunity to take a diss.

While Pat is in his 41st and final season as the host of Wheel of Fortune, it seems that he’s growing increasingly irritated by contestants failing to solve puzzles.

One example occurred this week during an episode in which a contestant named Deanna had trouble solving a puzzle in the “Events” category.

Deanna – a Rancho Cucamonga, California, resident who prides herself on her ability to write backward and read upsidedown – was left with the letters “THE   _ _ ST   BEAUTI_UL   SUNSETS” in her first round.

Deanna wasn’t completely sure what the phrase was with the letters presented on the board, so she opted to purchase an “O,” resulting in the board then reading, “THE   _ O ST   BEAUTI_UL   SUNSETS.”

At that point, Deanna felt confident enough to tell Pat, “I’m going to solve it.”

Pat Sajak compares Wheel of Fortune hosting gig to being a ‘dentist pulling teeth’

“Please!” was Pat’s response as Deanna correctly solved the puzzle, eliciting applause from the studio audience.

After Wheel of Fortune watchers congratulated Deanna’s efforts, Pat took the opportunity to throw in a jab.

“I felt less like a game show host and more like a dentist… pulling teeth to get there,” the 77-year-old game show host remarked.

Pat’s snide comeback caught the attention of some Wheel of Fortune viewers on social media, who had mixed reactions to his snark.

Wheel of Fortune viewers have differing opinions about Pat’s snarky comments aimed at contestants

“‘I’m more like a dentist. It’s like pulling teeth’ PAT STOP 😂😂😂😂,” wrote @Miranda_Sky on X (formerly Twitter).

wheel of fortune viewer comments on pat sajak's remarks on X
Pic credit: @Miranda_Sky/X

While one viewer found Pat’s comments comical, another expressed their distaste, posting that Pat Sajak’s comments to contestants can be construed as offensive.

“I will never watch this show, I find Pat Sajak obnoxious to contestants,” @VJShordee444 began.

“LONG IN THE TOOTH Pat Sajak calls hosting Wheel of Fortune ‘more like pulling teeth’ after contestant struggles on easy puzzle,” they continued. “The soon-to-retire host isn’t retiring the sass.”

Deanna walked away with a hefty payday despite her struggles

Deanna wasn’t able to capitalize on her skills during the Bonus Round, however, which cost her a Ford Mustang Convertible.

After all of the letters were shown on the board, Deanna was left with “S P E A _ _ N G   _ R A N _ L _.”

She ran out of time before the buzzer went off, unable to come up with the correct answer, “Speaking Frankly.”

Despite Deanna’s misfortune at the end of the game, she was able to earn herself a total of $22,100, all cash.

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