Pat Sajak claps back at Wheel of Fortune contestant who complained about a puzzle

Pat Sajak and contestant Jill on Wheel of Fortune
Pat Sajak didn’t letting Jill off the hook after she complained about a puzzle. Pic credit: ABC

It’s Pat Sajak’s last season on Wheel of Fortune, and he isn’t holding back.

The longtime game show host is clearly enjoying his final season before retirement after an impressive 41 seasons.

Season 41 has been interesting for viewers, as Pat is feistier than ever as he deals with contestants who complain.

This week that happened during a round where a contestant named Jill didn’t like one of her puzzles.

So when Jill complained about the confusing round, Pat made sure to let her know it was her problem, taking no responsibility for her inability to solve it.

Then, later in the game, he brought it up again, taking another shot at the contestant despite her impressive win in the end.

Pat Sajak doesn’t hold back on complaining contestant

One thing we know about Wheel of Fortune is that the bonus round isn’t meant to be easy. After all, they’re not trying to just give away a bunch of money — contestants have to earn it by correctly guessing an often difficult puzzle.

But that didn’t sit well with Jill, who made it to the end and wanted to add to her winnings, which were already sitting at $27,680.

So when it came down to the bonus puzzle, Jill didn’t get far with the automatic R, S, T, L, N, E. She only added one extra letter when she chose C, M, H, and A.

The clock ran out fast as Jill tried to guess the impossible-looking puzzle and then, only after the buzzer went off, she realized the answer was “voicing our opinion.”

She shouted out the answer and then said, “Come on!”

Pat responded, “Just a little late!”

Jill hit back with, “What kind of puzzle is that?”

To which Pat replied, “It’s a puzzle you didn’t solve.”

Then, when Jill declared that she didn’t want to know what prize she missed, Pat snapped, “Well, you have to.”

It turns out Jill missed out on an additional $40,000.

You can see the exchange in the clip below.

Pat Sajack called out by Celebrity Wheel of Fortune contestant

Jill isn’t the only contestant who recently spoke out about their discontent with Wheel of Fortune.

Comedian Matt Rogers recently appeared on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, and he wasn’t too pleased with the show or the host either.

He faced off against Paula Abdul and Lil Rel Howery and won a hefty amount of money. But it didn’t take long for Matt’s previous Wheel of Fortune diss to resurface, making us wonder why he opted to appear on the show at all.

Just a few years ago, Matt took aim at Wheel of Fortune, saying there’s “no skill involved” in the legendary game show.

He doubled down with a claim that Jeopardy! was the superior show and said that Vanna White deserves a bigger role on the show and that “Pat Sajak sucks.”

Ouch, Matt!

Wheel of Fortune airs on ABC.

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2 months ago

Wow, WOF isn’t a game of knowledge or skill??! Who knew?
Actually, it’s only when we watch Celebrity WOF that we realize there actually is an amount of skill involved. Few celebrities seem to recognize what the before and after puzzles are about. They also don’t realize that “rstlne” are the most common letters, and they are the slowest at coming up with puzzle answers.
I’ve never heard of Matt, so I guess my only complaint would be how they’re defining the word “celebrity.” At least the $$ is for charity.