Pat Sajak calls out Wheel of Fortune contestant who gave him ‘too much work to do’ during on-air blooper

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Pat had to step in and assist a contestant. Pic credit: ©

Pat Sajak stepped in to help a contestant in what may have been a first on Wheel of Fortune.

When a contestant named Cherish took her turn spinning the wheel, a blunder with the wheel wedge caused a bit of a debacle on stage.

Pat instructed Cherish to pick up the Million Dollar wedge on the wheel, but as she bent over to pick it up, she had trouble getting it to dislodge.

That’s when host Pat Sajak intervened.

As Cherish fiddled with the wedge, he began to ask her to turn it around so that everyone could see it but got distracted when he realized she was struggling with picking it up.

“Ope, no, you’re ripping it to shreds,” Pat joked as Cherish tried to free the wedge from the wheel.

“Here, let me, uh … let me give you a hand here,” Pat said as he walked over and attempted to free the wedge from the wheel himself.

Pat Sajak teased a Wheel of Fortune contestant that she gave him ‘too much work to do’

“Because these things cost over $12 to make,” Pat teased as he handed the wedge to Cherish, again asking her to turn it around to show the audience.

“Now wave it around, put it down here,” Pat continued instructing Cherish before he looked at the camera and cracked a joke.

“I’ve got too much work to do,” Pat quipped.

The clip was shared to Wheel of Fortune’s Instagram page in a Reel captioned, “The MILLION DOLLAR WEDGE is STUCK?! Never fear — Pat Sajak is here! 💥.”

After watching Pat and Cherish’s humorous exchange in the Instagram clip, Wheel of Fortune viewers at home reacted and were quite amused.

Wheel of Fortune viewers at home were thoroughly entertained by Pat and Cherish’s on-air blunder

“Can’t go wrong with a game show blooper,” commented one fan of the show.

Another Instagram user called the show “entertaining,” while one laughed at the wedge getting stuck.

One Wheel of Fortune viewer at home joked, “Did anybody put glue on the wheel?”

wheel of fortune viewers on instagram comment on pat sajak's interaction with a player
Pic credit: @wheeloffortune/Instagram

According to other Wheel watchers, it’s tape, not glue, that producers use to keep the wedges in place on the wheel.

Several viewers discussed the topic in the comments section.

@lukedixon4540 wondered what is used to keep the wheel wedges and other cards in place during games.

That’s when @jjc927 surmised that tape is what Wheel of Fortune producers use.

wheel of fortune viewers on instagram comment on pat sajak's blooper
Pic credit: @wheeloffortune/Instagram

“When the light reflects on the million dollar wedge, I see what looks like pieces of tape,” added @lukedixon4540.

Adding to the discussion, another Instagram user added, “It absolutely is just pieces of double stick tape, thats also how they put the name tags on!”

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