Paranormal Witness tells tale of the demented crack fiend ghost

Paranormal Witness house in Savannah, Georgia
The creepy stacked chairs on the girls’ dining room table in tonight’s Paranormal Witness

Tonight on Paranormal Witness three friends recall how they rented out a property in a sketchy area of town, only to find it was haunted by a crack fiend!

The show takes us to Savannah, Georgia, where three students rent the place on the wrong side of tracks.

Nothing unusual in that, but Savannah has a reputation as the most haunted town in the U.S. and their property validates that title in a terrifying way.

Turns out the place was formerly inhabited by a crack addict and their demented spirit is now visiting the living.

The girls are totally freaked out when they find chairs stacked on the dining room table.

Paranormal Witness Season 5 Episode 2 preview

You might wonder why Savannah has so many reported hauntings and over 30 companies offering ghost tours.

Well, we daresay tourism is a big reason but behind every tall tale their is often a real story and this city’s history goes way back, as it is the oldest city in the state.

For instance Colonial Park Cemetery dates back to 1750 and the town has seen more than its fair share of deaths from disease and war.

Gingerbread House in Savannah.
Savannah has a lot of history, this is the Gingerbread House in the Victorian district. Credit: CC Photoartel

Paranormal Witness recreates strange and supernatural events with the help of people who actually witnessed them. From haunting to possessions, the stories will raise the hair on the back of your neck.

Last week the show brought to life the experience of Jenny Scott when she encountered the voodoo preacher, below.

Watch Paranormal Witness – They Are Mine at 10pm on Syfy.

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