Paranormal Witness takes a Ouija trip straight to Hell

Paranormal Witness Ouija
Paranormal Witness recreates a terrifying incident with a Ouija board. Watch the preview below

Tonight on Paranormal Witness – three friends find out that playing with a Ouija board can lead to both unexpected and hellish consequences.

In an episode titled From H. E. L. L. the girls find out about the board in school and think it sounds fun and mysterious.

Their friends at school give them three rules that they are supposed to follow whilst using the Ouija board.

One is never use it alone, two is always say goodbye to the board and the third is never use it in your own home.

They decide to ignore the last rule as they don’t have anywhere to go, plus it is just a bit of fun.

Giggling, they setup the board and place their fingers on the planchette, asking a question.

The girls use the Ouiji
The girls use the Ouija, seems like fun idea right?

“Is anybody there?”

There is no response, so they ask again. Nothing happens.

Then for a third time they ask the question and suddenly the planchette moves!

Nothing would ever be quite the same again for this Hispanic family…

Ouija boards consist of a flat board with letters of the alphabet, yes, no and various other options printed on it. There is also a small wooden heart called a planchette that users place their fingers on, it is said to move when in contact with the spirits.

Ouiji board
An early example of a Ouija board

Although accounts of automatic writing date back over a thousand years, the boards first became popular as a parlour game in the second-half of the 19th century.

Interestingly, the name Ouija is actually a trademark of Hasbro!

Watch Paranormal Witness tonight at 10/9c on Syfy.

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