Paranormal Witness recounts the tale of a creepy dark pit under a guesthouse

Paranormal Witness
Paranormal Witness – a weird pit is not what you want to find in your new house!

Tonight on Paranormal Witness – what could be in the pit in the guesthouse of a newly bought property in Santa Susana Knolls, Cal?

Buying a new home is always a big investment both financially and emotionally, but once you’ve got the keys it’s an exciting time.

The woman in tonight’s story was upbeat after her purchase and all the more so because a guesthouse was also included in the sale.

It needed a lot of work but she was thinking that it could maybe become rental income or turned into an art studio.

As she rolls up a stinky old carpet to uncover some lovely hardwood floors, she comes across a huge hole in the floor.

It looks for all the world like something has burst through the floor, but what could lie within and what has it to do with the house’s history of biker gang violence?

Watch Paranormal Witness – The Pit tonight at 10 Pm on Syfy.

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