Paranormal Witness finale: A child haunts Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee

Paranormal Witness
Paranormal Witness recounts a woman’s encounter with a child ghost in an abandoned hospital

For the season finale of Paranormal Witness the show recreates various tales of haunting from the abandoned Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee.

A woman has been working as a cleaner in a hospital while construction work and renovations are being undertaken. With the hospital abandoned whilst the work is underway the hospital takes on a bit of a creepy feel.

One night she hears a noise and follows it to a bed curtain rail, the curtain is gone but the hooks are moving by themselves.

Paranormal Witness
A child’s footsteps appear in the water but there is no child to be seen, the woman flees!

Things get decidedly more paranormal when the cleaner finds a puddle of water in the middle of the corridor. There is no obvious sign of where the water might have come from but as she moves closer she sees tiny wet footprints, those of a young child. Events then take an alarming turn as new footprints appear right in front of her eyes, heading stright for her. She flees the hospital!

Later a team of paranormal investigators find themselves trapped in the hostital…find out their fate…

Watch Paranormal Witness – The Night Ward at 10 PM on Syfy.

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