Paranormal Witness and the Alabama voodoo preacher

Paranormal Witness Mothman
A house painted almost entirely in one color. Find out what it means tonight in Paranormal Witness

Paranormal Witness is back tonight for an all new season on Syfy — with the premiere episode recounting how writer Jenny Scott moved to a new home in Alabama where sinister happenings began to manifest.

Scott moved with her family to Rockford, Coosa County, where the house they moved to was a bit rundown and had a strange paint scheme, with nearly every surface painted a color known as haint blue.

Soon events took a creepier turn as she began to redecorate. Taking a break from the fumes in a room she had just painted, Scott looked up to see a figure standing in the doorway. The family searched the house but found no intruder.

Scott later learned the paint was often used by superstitious locals to ward off evil spirits.

A porch painted haint blue
A porch ceiling painted haint blue, said to ward off everything from wasps to evil spirits. Credit: Lake Lou

She also found out that the Rev. Willie Maxwell used to live in a house nearby. He was accused of five murders back in the 1970s and was murdered himself soon after. Most alarmingly, he was known as the voodoo preacher.

Author Harper Lee is said to have done some research into the case with the goal of writing a true crime novel about Maxwell, but she never completed it.

Later Scott went on to co-write a book about her six-month experience of living in the house.

Paranormal Witness, a poltergeist at work
Paranormal Witness, with not Mary Poppins but a poltergeist at work. We would be out the door

Paranormal Witness interviews people who have experienced or witnessed paranormal activity and then recreates the events, whether encounters with ghosts, attacks by demons or poltergeists.

This season you can expect demons using broadband, ghostly serial killers, a gate to hell itself and the Mothman…

Paranormal Witness Mothman
Paranormal Witness also investigates the Mothman this season, first reported in the 60s

The Mothman creature was first reported in the 1960s in West Virginia, when five gravediggers spotted a humanoid figure flying over their heads.

Described as having glowed red and with ten-foot wings some biologists have said it was probably a sandhill crane, which can reach the height of  a child and have red around their eyes.

The legend became famous after author John Keel published his book The Mothman Prophecies.

Watch Paranormal Witness tonight at 10/9c on Syfy…if you dare!

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