Paranormal Lockdown season finale at Old Chatham County Jail where Carl Isaacs was held

Paranormal Lockdown
Nick and Katrina head to Chatham County Jail in Paranormal Lockdown

This season of Paranormal Lockdown wraps up with a 2-hour special, including an investigation at the Old Chatham County Jail in Savannah, Ga. and Shrewsbury Prison in England.

Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman are never ones to shy away from an investigation even when there is not much to go on. So it proves at the Old Chatham Country Jail where they don’t have anything too specific to look into.

However, almost as soon as they arrive they beging to hear strange noises that lead them both to the conclusion that there is plenty to discover in this dark place.

The jail itself is due to be knocked down so the pressure is on for their investigation to get to the bottom of what is causing the paranormal activity.

Paranormal Lockdown Rusty
Col. Rusty worked at the jail for two years and has some pretty creepy tales to tell

They meet up with Col. Russell “Rusty” Smith who is a former corrections officer and worked at jail for two years. He tells them that people could held at the jail anything between two days and a few years. He also says the third floor is where the most dangerous prisoners were held, including murderer Carl Isaacs.–8

Isaacs escaped Maryland prison and together with two other men went on a killing spree. On May 14th, 1973, Isaacs killed Ned Alday, his brother, his daughter-in-law and his three sons. The crime was brutal with each of the family being killed as they returned to the farm from the fields. The woman was raped multiple times before she was killed. He was eventually put to death by lethal injection in 2003.

Rusty also describes a night spent in the prison when he could hear footsteps around him, even though there was nobody about.

What terrible secrets do these dark cells hide?

The Dana has a dark reputation for being haunted
The Dana has a dark reputation for being haunted

Later the pair visit another prison, but this time across the Atlantic in England. Shrewsbury, also known as the Dana, where there are reports of murders, suicides and torture spanning hundreds of years.

Catch Paranormal Lockdown – Old Chatham County Jail & Shrewsbury Prison Unlocked at 9 PM on TLC.

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