Paranormal Lockdown duo confront violent poltergeist at the Black Monk House

Paranormal Lockdown confront poltergeist at the Black Monk House
Paranormal Lockdown confront a violent poltergeist at the Black Monk House

Paranormal Lockdown heads to England and the Black Monk House, where violent poltergeist activity has been reported many times.

Nick and Katrina are on the other side of the pond where reports of paranormal activity and legends of hauntings are even more widespread than in the U.S.

The Black Monk House is in the ancient market town of Pontefract in West Yorkshire, which dates back nearly 1000 years and even longer as two smaller separate towns.

Black Monk House
The unremarkable semi-detached known as the Black Monk House at 30 East Drive

Back 1966 when Jean and Joe Pritchard moved into the the house with their teenage son and 12-year-old daughter. The rather bland semi-detached house at 30 East Drive seemed normal enough and a perfect fit for their new life.

However, soon paranormal activity began as furniture was overturned, pictures were ripped, weird sounds and smells were manifest and a weird dark-robed figure appeared to members of the family. Other people reported to have witnessed the strange events included a vicar and even the local politician. Later the activity became more extreme with large objects being hurdled about and their daughter even reported to have dragged by her hair across a room.

The Pritchards called on the help of paranormal investigators and also organised several exorcisms.

However, all their efforts were in vain and the property is still said to be haunted with English tabloid newspapers like The Sun and The Mirror running stories this year about the house.

Check out the Google Street View for a better look at the house and tune in tonight to see if the monk makes an appearance.

Watch 100 Hours at Black Monk House tonight at 9 PM on TLC.

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