Pamela Anderson on The View: Watch her clap back at Meghan McCain regarding Julian Assange

Pamela Anderson on The View.
Pamela Anderson stood up for Julian Assange on The View. Pic credit: ABC

Pamela Anderson sat down with the ladies of The View and things got a little heated at the table. Her friendship with Julian Assange has been widely publicized, and it was what set off the back and forth that viewers saw at the table earlier today.

While talking to Sunny Hostin, Pamela Anderson revealed that Julian Assange inspires her to be a more effect activist. She was full of compliments about him, something that led to contempt from Meghan McCain when it was her turn to talk.

Anderson is quite fond of Assange, and she wasn’t about to back down from her beliefs. Anderson feels that he exposed what needed to be exposed, and no one has proven that it put anyone at risk.

In the clip, Meghan McCain is seen clapping back. Pamela Anderson fires back at her, saying, “what would you do if you were locked in a room for six years?”

Of course, this prompted McCain to go in and say, “I wouldn’t be a cyber-terrorist.”

The two battled it out about Julian Assange and whether he put our military and national security at risk. Anderson believes he did not, while McCain believes he did.

The back and forth between Pamela Anderson and Meghan McCain wasn’t shocking. They are both on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Watching them go back and forth on The View drew a lot of attention. This fact is especially apparent because Anderson wasn’t interested in anything McCain had to say. She made it clear she is in Julian Assange’s corner, no matter what.

Her purpose for appearing on The View was to talk about her recent failed romantic relationship and her current relationship with Julian Assange.

Pamela Anderson revealed that his health is deteriorating since being taken into custody and she was not going to let anyone come for him. She put Meghan McCain on notice without a second thought.

The View airs weekdays on ABC.

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