Ozark Season 3 release date delayed: When is the Netflix series coming back?

Ozark Season 3 release info
Jason Bateman announced Ozark Season 3. Pic credit: Netflix

Jason Bateman’s Netflix series has proven to be a binge-worthy hit for the streaming platform. About a month after Season 2 of Ozark premiered, the third season was given the green light, which Jason Bateman announced on his Twitter page.

The series has received several awards including one for Julia Garner. She plays Ruth Langmore, earning a nomination for Critics Choice Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

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Ozark Season 3 has been renewed for 10 episodes but the release date will be much later than you think.

When will Netflix release Ozark Season 3?

The first season was released in July 2017 and the second premiered on August 31, 2018.

However, before the Season 3 release date was announced, Jason Bateman revealed that filming on the series will be delayed. When speaking to Ellen on the Ellen DeGeneres show back in August, Bateman revealed that he is taking time off work until March.

The reason behind Jason Bateman’s break is his family. He explained to Ellen that his kids are getting bigger and he really wants to spend some time with them.

Filming production will take about six months and when taking into account post-production fans of Ozark could hope for a late 2019 release date. While an official release schedule is yet to be announced a November or December 2019 premiere date is realistic.

What to expect in Ozark Season 3

With FBI agent Roy Petty being murdered by Cade, Marty Byrd and is partners should expect increased scrutiny from law enforcement when the body is discovered.

Ruth has been promoted in Marty Byrde’s money laundering scheme and confessed to Wyatt that she murdered both Russ and Boyd. In season 3, the Langmore matriarch will likely struggle to repair her relationship with Wyatt while under FBI investigation.

Marty has seemingly taken a backseat in the business after Wendy made it clear that she has no intention of fleeing to the Gold Coast in Australia. The Mafia head boss Frank Cosgrove declared war on Marty by blowing up his office so we can expect the Byrde family to try and resolve the union labor dispute in Season 3 of Ozark.

All episodes of Ozark Season 1 and 2 is currently streaming on Netflix

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