Outspoken Sara Haines at it again as she takes aim at Sunny Hostin

Sara Haines on The View
Sara Haines has been on a roll lately on The View. Pic credit: ABC

The View co-host Sara Haines can’t stop putting her foot in her mouth.

She’s been censored twice recently after getting worked up and not knowing when to keep quiet.

The View is a place for the outspoken ladies who sit around the table to declare their opinions.

But even this morning talk show has boundaries. And Sara Haines seems to step over them repeatedly.

This time, Sara took aim at Sunny, which wasn’t very nice.

Sunny Hostin is known for her style and appearance, often causing a stir. Her Instagram often features her beautiful hair and glamorous outfits.

Sunny Hostin stuns the ladies with her look today

Today was no different for Sunny. The ladies were all agog over her flashy ensemble and long flowing hair.

All except for Sara Haines. Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Alyssa Farah, the other ladies present today, all were gushing.

Sunny wore a Cats musical-like outfit, a one-piece leopard jumper. She appeared onstage to tremendous cheering and clapping. It went on and on with the audience.

Joy exclaimed, “How about Sunny doing the road company of Cats?”

“I have that going on too”, Sunny replied to Joy. But she really wanted to showcase something else.

Sunny paused a moment and gestured toward her long, flowing hair. “Have you seen this?” as she moved her head around.

Sara shot back, “You said your goal was to touch the floor with it eventually. You’re getting there.”

Sara Haines remained unimpressed

Sunny went on to explain to the ladies about her earlier encounter with Sara, which took place before the show started to film.

“I went into her dressing room so she could get it out.” She was speaking of whatever negative feelings and remarks Sara had about Sunny’s new look.

“Not enough! You should have stayed longer,” Sara cackled back.

The audacity of this encounter caused the unflappable Whoopi Goldberg to say in awe, “Wow!”

Whoopi is right, just wow, Sara. Even yesterday, Sara was called out for calling former President Donald Trump a “jerk-off.”

After being told she should not say that word or shorten the phrase to jerk, she was able to compose herself and go on. Sara’s outspokenness is, however, a repeated occurrence on The View.

Earlier in the week, Sara was muted on the air during the show even though her words were cheered on by the audience.

The View airs on weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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