Outlander Season 7, part 2 premiere date revealed: Here’s what we know

Sam Heughan on Outlander.
Jamie’s story will continue. Pic credit: Starz

World Outlander Day brought some significant updates about when the latest droughtlander will be over.

Starz revealed during the big event that Outlander Season 7, part 2, will premiere on Friday, November 22, 2024.

The news means the show will have been off the air for over 15 months by the time it returns.

Although the reason for the lengthy delay has not been determined, the show is already hard at work filming its eighth and final season.

At one point, Starz prioritized Outlander, but it seems the network doesn’t value the show as much as it once did, meaning we could wait a long time for the final episodes.

The good news is that eight new episodes will hit the air later this year, and the latest teaser hints at some big swings in the storytelling department.

The Outlander Season 7, part 2 trailer is here

Check it out below.

Outlander Season 7, part 2 picks up with Claire (Caitríona Balfe), Jamie (Sam Heughan), and Young Ian (John Bell) leaving the colonies and arriving in their beloved homeland: Scotland.

“The perils of the Revolutionary War force them to choose between standing by those they love and fighting for the land they have made their new home,” the logline teases.

“Meanwhile, Roger (Richard Rankin) and Brianna (Sophie Skelton) face new enemies across time, and must battle the forces that threaten to pull their family apart,” the cable network adds.

“As loyalties change and painful secrets come to light, Jamie and Claire’s marriage is tested like never before. With their love binding them over oceans and centuries, can the MacKenzies and Frasers find their way back to each other?”

It sounds like another great season, but the most exciting aspect will be how it sets up the last-ever episodes.

Ending long-running shows is tough because viewers have certain expectations, but Outlander has constantly subverted them, so it will be interesting to see where the show goes next.

Outlander is getting a prequel

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, the series is also getting a prequel in the form of Outlander: Blood of My Blood.

The series is set to delve into the early years of Jamie and Claire’s parents. A prequel is something that Outlander fans will be interested in because we’ve heard so much about the parents.

Delving further into the past hints at many things we don’t know about the parents, setting up what should be an interesting new show.

Outlander is currently on hiatus. Season 7, Part 2, premieres on Starz on Friday, November 22, 2024.

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