Outlander: Season 6 premiere episode filming blunder revealed

Behind-the-scenes shot of Richard Ranking as Roger and Sophie Skelton as Brianna in Season 6 of Starz's Outlander
Behind-the-scenes shot of Richard Ranking as Roger and Sophie Skelton as Brianna in Season 6 of Outlander. Pic credit: Starz

Season 6 of Outlander was filmed during COVID-19, which has led to several complications.

Along with a delay in the Season 6 premiere, there have also been some other problems, such as filming issues involving social distancing requirements. Another surprise came in the form of Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire Fraser, and was pregnant during filming.

The pandemic has also led to a shortened season. However, the Starz network has softened the blow of this news to fans by offering longer episodes.

In addition, one viewer has also noticed a filming blunder in the Season 6 premiere of the hit historical time-traveling drama series.

Season 6 filming blunder found

On the Outlander subreddit, viewers have been chatting about everything relating to the latest season of Outlander. However, one Redditor noticed a filming blunder and posted a still of the mistake.

The error occurred toward the end of the Season 6 premiere and during the scene where Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) was forced to punish Allan Christie (Alexander Vlahos) after he stole a gun powder horn from the Browns.

Jamie gave poor Allan ten lashes with a belt and, afterward, stood looking out over the Ridge as he contemplated what had to be done. It is here that the filming error occurs.

Although the shape initially resembled a wizened tree branch at a casual glance, viewers realized that it was actually a mounted camera on closer look. Eagle-eyed fans honed in on the background and immediately pointed out the mistake.

As pointed out by Hello! Magazine, it also looks as if the actor who portrays Richard Brown is laughing, not aware that he is presently in the shot.

“Here in the scene, immediately after Jamie flogged Allen,” the Redditor wrote. “The shot used may show Jamie looking broody and dramatic, in the background you can see a camera setup behind him. At first I wasn’t sure and thought it may be a tree or branch, but after taking look at some behind-the-scenes footage of Outlander, I saw that they use camera equipment that looks just like the figure.”

Reddit cap
Redditor points out the filming error in the Season 6 premiere of Outlander. Pic credit: u/New_Passion_4604/Reddit

Fans chime in on the Outlander filming error

As soon as the error was posted online, other fans of Outlander started chiming in on the blunder.

“Wow I would have never caught that!” one fan wrote.

Reddit comment
Pic credit: u/New_Passion_4604/Reddit

A couple of other Redditors also commented on the mistake from the perspective of the crew who filmed it.

“As an editor myself, I just know whoever had to use that footage was shaking their head! It happens unfortunately,” commented yet another fan.

Pic credit: u/New_Passion_4604/Reddit

Fans will have to stay tuned to the upcoming episodes to see what other surprises make it into the show.

Season 6 of Outlander currently airs every Sunday night on Starz.

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