OutDaughtered tee shirts: Where can you buy the shirts made by the Busby quints?

Adam and Danielle Busby
Adam and Danielle Busby are keeping busy with their six daughters on OutDaughtered

OutDaughtered aired the season finale last night. The Busby family has been on TLC for a while now and the viewers have gotten to know and adore them along the way.

The Busby quints are the first all-girl quintuplets known in the country. They were born in 2015 at the Woman’s Hospital of Texas. Since then, the Busby girls have had all eyes on them. Watching them grow on camera has been a highlight for viewers.

Danielle and Adam Busby have a lot of gratitude for the NICU after their quints were there for quite some time before they were released home. Each year, they try to give back by raising money, and this year, their idea was cute.

In the past, the Busbys did a charity cycle event for the NICU. They no longer own the studio, so that wasn’t an option this time around. Instead, Danielle chose to go with something more original and unique.

To raise money for the NICU, Danielle Busby had the quints draw a picture on a tee shirt and she would sell the design from each little girl and donate the money. The scene where the girls were making their shirts showed patience and manners, things that both Adam and Danielle have worked hard to instill in their children.

For those viewers who want to purchase the shits, they are available in the Buzz World shop. Each shirt is priced at $15 and has original artwork designed by one of the five girls. There are plenty of differences among their choices and each of their personalities shines through.

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