OutDaughtered Season 2 and the quintuplets are on the move

Danielle Busby feeds her quintuplets in Season 2 of OutDaughtered on TLC
Danielle Busby feeds her quintuplets in Season 2 of OutDaughtered on TLC

America’s most famous quintuplets are back for OutDaughtered Season 2 — and they’re no longer babies but toddlers and that means one thing…they’re on the move!

Danielle and Adam Busby are enjoying a supersized new home which gives daughter Blake her own bedroom and the quintuplets two rooms between them — one with three and one with two.

But while Adam is out earning his keep to try and pay for it all, Danielle is left alone with the five tiny terrors which has become all the more difficult now that they’re crawling and walking non-stop.

Danielle says: “One of the biggest differences this year is that the babies are on the move, so it’s trap them here, trap there there. Go down here, climb up there, climb down there…it only takes a split second for you realise the gate slid this way and now they’ve gone 3ft up the stairs!”

Watch the OutDaughtered Season 2 trailer below which carries on the story of America’s only set of all-female quintuplets — Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley and Parker.

The season kicks off with the family facing fears after Hazel’s eye condition deteriorates and medics recommend a risky procedure to try and fix it. She is also still the only quintuplet who is not walking yet.

Meanwhile, Danielle’s sisters are much closer now the family are in their new house, giving her some much-needed support. But there are new challenges when Danielle is hit by a personal setback.

There’s also news on Danielle’s zany mom Michelle, who reveals that she’s lost her job.

During the season Danielle and Adam also celebrate their 10-year anniversary while Blake heads off to kindergarten for the first time and the family make plans for their first big vacation together.

OutDaughtered Season 2 trailer


The two-hour OutDaughtered Season 2 premiere airs tonight at 9/8c on TLC. Future episodes will air Tuesdays at 10/9c.

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