OutDaughtered parents tackle potty training the quints in sneak peek

Adam and Danielle Busby in a confessional for OutDaughtered
Adam and Danielle are tackling potty training

OutDaughtered has given insiders a look into the challenge of raising multiples. What was supposed to be a special has now turned into a full-fledged reality show.

This week, the Busby family will be tackling potty training the quints. Danielle is caught by surprise when the teacher at school mentions that in order for the girls to go into the full rotation class, they need to be potty-trained.

The struggles of trying to train five children at once are shown, along with the rewards that happen with progress. This is a very real look into what Adam and Danielle deal with on a daily basis. Of course, help is always there when needed, even if they pretend they don’t love it.

When the Busby’s head out with their daughter Blayke, Aunt Crystal and Uncle Dale arrive to help with the quints. They are stuck on potty duty, and while Crystal did really well,

Dale decided that spoiling Hazel wasn’t a bad idea. Their relationship is special and she knows it.

As things settle down with Mimi and the Busby clan moves toward another birthday, OutDaughtered is keeping fans entertained. After watching the first few years of the girls’ life, TLC viewers are begging for more.

Potty training is just one milestone in the hundreds that the Busby quints will hit as they grow up.

OutDaughtered airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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