OutDaughtered Hurricane Harvey update: How did the Busby family handle the storm?

Hurricane Harvey had a huge impact on the Busbys from Outdaughtered
The Busbys were affected by Hurricane Harvey

OutDaughtered is back with brand new episodes and fans will finally get to see what happened when Hurricane Harvey hit last year. August 2017 will be forever be remembered by the Busby family after the monster hurricane ripped through Houston and surrounding areas, causing quite a bit of damage.

As the new season of OutDaughtered began, news of Hurricane Harvey’s impact was starting to become real. Mimi’s house was a total loss, causing a lot of distress within the family. Adam and Danielle Busby were luckier than she was, but the situation was escalating as the days passed.

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Everyone banded together to help Mimi cleanup, but throwing out their childhood memories was hard on Danielle and her sisters. Hurricane Harvey wasn’t easy for them to get through, especially with all of the girls at home and Mimi losing it all.

It has been nearly a year since Hurricane Harvey wrecked through the Houston area. While OutDaughtered was filmed months ago, fans are watching things unfold now. Everyone is concerned about Mimi and what has happened in the months following the loss of her house.

Mimi moved in with Adam and Danielle Busby, which wasn’t easy but it was necessary. The rebuild project was estimated to possibly take up to a year, which was devastating news to her.

The Busby family has been actively helping those who were displaced from Hurricane Harvey. As recently as March 2018, Danielle Busby and her sisters were helping to plant around the houses that were being restored.

Things may not have returned to what normal was before the storm, but the Busby family is embracing their new normal now.

Outdaughtered airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC. 

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