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OutDaughtered exclusive: Danielle is loopy from having her wisdom teeth out as Adam tries to wrangle the quints

Tonight’s OutDaughtered will be one for the books! After all of the chaos the Bubsys have been dealt over the last several weeks, Danielle having her wisdom teeth removed is the latest obstacle they have to tackle.

In this exclusive clip from the new episode, the surgeon is seen talking to Adam Busby about what to expect from Danielle in the days following the removal of her wisdom teeth. She is out of surgery and ready to head home, but is Adam ready to tackle the quints all on his own?

During the drive home, Danielle Busby is clearly feeling pretty good. She is talking about putting the teeth under her pillow and getting “big bucks” for them. Adam appears to be amused but is having a hard time understanding her with the cotton in her mouth.

Adam driving Danielle home after her wisdom teeth removal
Adam driving Danielle home after her wisdom teeth removal. Pic credit: TLC

Seeing the pair together as they drive home is comical. She is still feeling the effects of the drugs given for surgery and he is trying his best to appease her as they head home to a house full of little girls.

Will Adam be able to wrangle the quints and keep them occupied long enough to make sure Danielle gets the rest she needs? Tune in to OutDaughtered tonight to find out how this all unfolds!

OutDaughtered airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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