OutDaughtered birthdays: When do the Busby girls celebrate?

Adam and his daughters on OutDaughtered.
The Busby girls all celebrated birthdays on OutDaughtered. Pic credit: TLC

OutDaughtered is back with new episodes and the Busby girls are cuter than ever! This is a whole new world for the family as the quints celebrate their fourth birthday during the premiere episode. Out with the threes and in with the fours for the five bubbly little Busby girls.

Celebrating a birthday is a big deal, but when you are celebrating all the girls, things can get quite complicated. All six of the Busby girls (the quints and older sister Blayke) are born in April, just days apart. Adam and Danielle have their hands full, but they manage to get everything done while making it look easy.

Since the Busby birthdays were celebrated on the Outdaughtered premiere, viewers were interested to find out when the children were born. Blayke was born on April 5, 2011. She celebrated her eighth birthday this year. The Busby quints were born on April 8, 2015. They celebrated their fourth birthday this year.

Given the timeline, the episodes that will be airing are approximately six months behind real-time. This is much sooner than some of the other seasons of OutDaughtered have done in the past. As the girls are growing, the interest in them has increased.

This year, things were exciting for the OutDaughtered stars. Not only were the quints and Blayke getting a year older, but they would also have two daughters in school come the fall. Back in August, it was revealed that Riley Busby would head off to kindergarten while her four same-age siblings would remain in pre-kindergarten.

Viewers are hoping that some of that will be chronicled this season. The Busby birthday party was a highlight, and it has piqued interest in the events that will be coming for the OutDaughtered family. As Adam and Danielle brace for what the fours will bring for their quints, viewers already know what is coming up.

OutDaughtered airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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