Otto’s eldest is back and homestead Thanksgiving on Alaska: The Last Frontier Exposed

Thanksgiving Alaska style
A first Thanksgiving for Sparrow Rose in Alaska: The Last Frontier Exposed

On this episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier Exposed – Otto’s eldest son comes home to help and the Kilchers do Thanksgiving.

The Kilchers all gather at the barn to celebrate another year surviving and thriving in Alaska and to give thanks to

Eve says: This year’s Thanksgiving is really special to Eivin and I, we’re hosting it at the barn.”

Thanksgiving Alaska style
Thanksgiving Alaska style

Her husband Eivin agrees saying: “It felt really important to have everybody there for Sparrow’s first Thanksgiving.”

Otto’s wife Charlotte reckons her favorite thing about the celebration is the family coming together around a meal, something that doesn’t always happen that often when transport links are poor and family are often quite isolated.

Also this episode, Otto’s eldest son comes back to help with cattle drive, especially important given Otto’s medical issues.

Watch Alaska: The Last Frontier Exposed = Giving Thanks at 7 PM on Discovery Channel.

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