Otter’s Tooth Stone on Outlander: Everything you need to know

Otter's Tooth is the native on Outlander who came from the future
The story behind Otter Tooth was finally explained in the Season 4 finale of Outlander. Pic credit: STARZ

On the Season 4 finale of Outlander, we finally got some answers about the ghost Claire saw in Episode 3 titled The False Bride.

It was her interaction with this time-travelling Native American that came to her in spirit that upset the Mohawk and nearly lost Claire and Jamie their chance of bringing Roger back to Brianna.

In the finale, while Claire was working to trade with the Mohawk in order to bring Roger back, they noticed the unusual stone she was wearing around her neck and it sent shock waves through the tribe.

Claire offers her Otter's Tooth stone in exchange for Roger
Claire with the stone around her neck. Pic credit: STARZ

Claire offered to trade the stone for Roger, but instead the attempt to trade ended abruptly and the group was sent away.

They didn’t give up though, and instead decided to camp near the tribe and figure out another way to get to Roger.

That’s when they were met with a group from the Mohawk tribe who they managed to convince to help them retrieve Roger, but not without explaining why they were sent away first.

One woman from the tribe told the story of Otter’s Tooth, a Native American man who told the tribe that he was sent back to warn them about the decimation of their tribe.

The time-traveling man rallied the Mohawks to turn on the settlers and to kill as many white men as they could in order to protect the future of their tribe. However, others in the tribe started to worry that his actions were going to cause more harm by bringing soldiers to wipe them out.

Otter’s Tooth was sent away from the tribe but he wouldn’t leave. He kept coming back, ranting about the end of the tribe until the Mohawks felt they had no choice but to kill him.

They painted his face black, a mark of death, and then warriors from the tribe killed him and buried his skull with the stone that he wore around his neck.

The tribe believes that the stone gives them the power to see the future of their tribe, which is why the woman followed Claire, Jamie and Young Ian.

She really wanted the stone for herself so that she could see the future, but in helping the group after they were banished she ended up getting herself banished from the tribe for going against their wishes and trying to help them sneak Roger out.

Otter's Tooth as he appeared to Claire during the storm
The Otter’s Tooth Stone was more important to the plot in Outlander than many suspected. Pic credit: STARZ

The story of Otter’s Tooth helped to connect the dots for Claire, who suspected the ghost she saw was that of a man who also traveled through the stones from the future based on a silver filling she found in his skull.

It’s not clear why he helped save her life after traveling back to warn about the white settlers. It’s possible that, after the Mohawks killed him, he had a change of heart.

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