Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: Clone down

Shiobhan comforts Sarah, as they watch Kyra leave with Rachel.

Before we start, let me just put it out there that Tatiana Maslany just better be nominated for another Emmy this year. I still can’t quite comprehend why it took four seasons for her to get an Emmy nod and win, but she most definitely deserves to get another one. Last night’s episode, titled “Clutch of Greed”, presented us with nothing less than six clones within the span of one hour and she nailed every single one of them – including two clone impersonations.

If that’s not talent, I don’t know what is.

Picking up from last week’s episode, Sarah has been captured by Rachel and the bitch clone seems to have everyone under her control now. When Sarah demands to be released, Ferdinand connects her with her sisters and Mrs. S – who has Kyra – and they all tell her the same thing: Rachel is on their side and everything is under control. Cosima has gotten the cure and Sarah should just hear Rachel out.

She agrees, but Rachel’s demands are a little hard to swallow. She wants to study Kyra and her unique physiology and, in turn, the Leda sisters would be free to go. Sarah doesn’t know what to do, but Shiobhan shows up with Kyra and they insist that everything is fine and that she should take the deal.

Up until that point, I thought I had entered some sort of Twilight Zone, because everyone was just so accepting of everything. When Sarah had no choice, but to along with it, I was just as confused as she was. Something had to give. So when they finally make it back to Shiobhan’s and Felix is there waiting for them, I knew they just had to have a plan. There was no way Sarah would let Rachel take her daughter like that, so I was so incredibly relieved when Shiobhan turned the vacuum on and they were finally able to talk a bit more freely.

Felix had found MK and she was more than willing to help them. To everyone’s surprise, though, MK is sick and has been for a while now, but Sarah reassures her that Cosima has the cure and that they will help her. After all, she’s one of them.

So they figure out a plan to kidnap Kyra from her school, before Rachel can get to her. Everything goes according to plan, but when MK doesn’t show up, Sarah decides to go after her. To no one’s surprise, Ferdinand sees her, desguised as Rachel, and follows her. MK sees everything on her hacked street cams and, when Sarah gets there to help her, she insists that she can buy her some time. All they have to do is switch outfits, so that Ferdinand will think MK is Sarah, which would buy her enough time to escape.

Sarah protests, but the hacker seems to be at peace with her fate. When Ferdinand – who is incredibly pissed off at Rachel for undermining him and casting him aside – gets there, he takes out all his anger on poor MK. Her death is painful and gruesome and it was so incredibly hard to watch as he stepped on her chest repeatedly.

Kyra, who has been developing some sort of weird powers, feels when MK dies, which prompts her to refuse to run away with her mom. It seems she is turning into an empath when it comes to all Leda sisters and she just wants to understand what’s happening to her. It’s easy to forget, but little Kyra is older now and she understands what’s been going on more than she lets on. So in true pre-teen fashion, she puts her foot down and tells Sarah she wants to go with “Auntie” Rachel.

Needless to say that Sarah is absolutely devastated, but she lets her go.

Meanwhile, Cosima finally meets the elusive “Man behind the curtain”. P. T. Westmoreland summons her and shows her her latest results. It looks like the cure is a success so far, so he offers her the opportunity to keep working with him. She absolutely refuses, but he tells her to go ahead and cure herself and her sisters, and that – should she change her mind – she would have full access to his lab.

Helena, on the other hand, made it to the hospital with Donnie. The doctors safely removed the stick from her belly, but it had pierced the amniotic sac of one of the twins. However, when the docs do another ultrasound hours later, it looks like everything is fine and the puncture mark is no longer visible. The doctor seems to be shocked and orders a CAT scan. But before Helena goes through that, the doctor shows up with a really big needle, saying they had to do an amniocentesis.

Helena obviously doesn’t believe her and takes her down, immobilizing her by shoving the amnio needle into the woman’s cheek, effectively nailing her to the bed. Ouch. Before all that, she tells Donnie she is going to make a run for it and tells him where she’s going, and that only Sarah should know.

So we finish it off with Helena on the run with self-healing babies in her belly; Rachel has Kyra as per the kid’s request; MK died; Cosima is still trying to understand what the hell is going on at the Revival Village; and Alison is being watched 24/7 by Art’s creepy new partner.

As if that wasn’t enough, Delphine shows up at Shiobhan’s place and tells her she doesn’t have much time and she doesn’t know who to trust. Oh, and Sarah can’t know she is there. And then fade to black.

Come on, Delphine, just when I’m starting to trust you. Please, don’t double cross us!

Orphan Black returns with an all new episode next Saturday, June 24, at 10/9C on BBC America.

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