Orphan Black returning this summer as audiobook series

The next chapter for Orphan Black. Pic credit: Serial Box

Yesterday’s announcement on the future of Orphan Black took the series in a different direction–down another rabbit hole, you might say.  And while it had nothing to do with a movie or the often-rumored AMC spin-off, it’s something that’s going to keep the Clone Club happy.

Audiobook platform Serial Box, in collaboration with Temple Street, announced it was producing a ten-part series titled Orphan Black: The Next Chapter. Malka Older is the show runner for the audio series, with Mishell Baker, Lindsay Smith, Madeline Ashby and E.C. Myers, and Heli Kennedy there as series writers.

The most important news is that Tatiana Maslany is attached to the series to voice the clones Sarah, Cosima, Helen, Alison, and perhaps Rachel, as well as any other Leda clone who happens to put in an appearance, as there were at least 274 clones identified by the end of the TV series.

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There were no other details offed about the series story, other than it picks up eight years after the end of the TV series and that an important part of the story revolves around the relationship between Cosima and Delphine (Évelyne Brochu).  No other word on who else was being brought in for the series.

Orphan Black: The Next Chapter will be available exclusively on Serial Box in both ebook and audiobook by the end of summer, 2019.

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