Orphan Black announcement: Could this mean the show is returning?

The Sestras of Orphan Black
The Sestras of Orphan Black. Pic credit: BBCA

Orphan Black aired its last episode in August 2017 but for us fans who call ourselves the Clone Club, the show has never been far from our hearts.  That’s why  Tatiana Maslany’s Twitter announcement yesterday gave Sestras everywhere a bit of hope.

For those not familiar with the series, Orphan Black follows Sarah, played by Tatiana Maslany, who learns that she is a clone. Over the course of five seasons, she works with her clone sisters, who are all played by Tatiana, in discovering all they can about their past, as well as fighting against the unseen forces who are trying to control and/or destroy them.

So what did Tatiana tweet yesterday?  Oh, not a lot. Just that #CloneClub should get ready!

“Wuh oh, #OrphanBlack announcement is coming this Thursday!” Tatiana tweeted. “#CloneClub, are you standing by? You’re in for a treat…”

What exactly does this mean?

Some of us believe the announcement will be about a possible continuation of the show, one that was hinted about back in March of 2019.

At that time there were rumors swirling that AMC was going to produce an Orphan Black spin-off that would involve another set of clones–women not played by Maslany, but by another actress.  Since then, there has been no information on this and many of us believe we’ll learn more about this when the new announcement is made.

However, there have also been rumors to the effect that an Orphan Black movie or mini-series could also be in the works, one that would see Tatiana return to the role.  Given that there was closure at the end of the series, the movie/mini-series would take place after the events of the final episode.

Guess there’s only one way to find out.

Stand by for the Thursday announcement to see what is coming for Orphan Black, Sestras.

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