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‘One ton family’ stick together during weight-loss battle on My 600-lb Life

Brandie Perrio
Brandie shown heading home after a successful surgery in Houston on My 600-lb Life

Watch a clip from tonight’s My 600-lb Life on TLC, as one of the three “2,000 pound” Perrio siblings, Brandie, heads home after surgery.

The big cliffhanger from last week’s first instalment focusing on the “One Ton Family” airs tonight in a special two-part episode.

On the previous episode the Perrio siblings, all Louisiana natives, enlisted the help of Houston weight loss medical expert, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

This week, sisters Roshanda and Brandie Perrio are left alone in Texas together as brother Clarence, we learn, returns to their home state to help their ailing dad.

Roshanda Perrio
Roshanda is glad to be there for Brandie in the hospital

On this week’s two-parter episode we see the progress of the Perrio siblings, who have had more than their fair share of troubles.

When we first met these Louisiana natives, Clarence was the slimmest of the three and the one to take care of himself and his sisters. He and his sisters revealed they had struggled with obesity since they were children.

But despite their plight, they are still always there for each other.

While Clarence went back to Louisiana to take care of their father, Roshanda was not going to let her sister Brandie come out of the hospital without being greeted and having a ride.

She wanted to make sure her sister knew that they were there to support her in every way. Brandie now wants to return the favor for her sister Roshanda so she can get her wellness plan of action started too.

Brandie on My 600-lb Life
Brandie is thrilled someone was there to greet her at the hospital

In the video below, Brandie tells us how their collective lives “depend” on surgery to help them shed hundreds of pounds.

As a result, the Perrios upped and moved to Houston to try and begin their weight-loss journey.

Last week, Dr. Nowzaradan admitted the sisters to hospital to get the ball rolling, each on a controlled diet while Clarence returned home.

Last week we saw that Clarence and Brandie shed near a 100 pounds and, as a result, were cleared for weight loss surgery.

But for Roshanda, it went south as she ended up gaining 70 unwanted pounds.

Fear of dying during surgery has also derailed the gastric bypass plans for Clarence — with the fears raised because their mother previously died during a surgical procedure. Dr. Nowzaradan counseled Clarence to seek therapy and keep trying weight loss via diet and exercise.

In the clip below, the hospital waiting room is a small win for Brandie — with Roshanda having brought along some surprise visitors to greet her.

Hopefully, Clarence will be reunited with his sisters soon and continue with the weight loss plan.

My 600-lb Life’s “One Ton Family” wraps up tonight at 8/7c on TLC.

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