On My Block Season 2: Release date, cast and things to expect

On My Block release date netflix
On My Block Season 2 is officially in production. Credit: Netflix.

On My Block is a popular coming-of-age drama streaming on Netflix so it came as no surprise that the series was renewed for Season 2. Netflix revealed last week that On My Block Season 2 is officially in production, which is indicative of the release date. 

The first season came out earlier this year starring Sierra Capri, Jason Genao, Brett Gray, Diego Tinoco, Jessica Marie Garcia, and Ronni Hawk. The series left fans with a major cliffhanger and eagerly anticipating the second season. 

The series follows four kids going into high school in LA’s South Central and the drama that comes with it such as relationships and violence in the inner city. 

When is On my Block Season 2 coming out?

The second season officially went into production last week. Production for a 10-episode series usually lasts six months. Therefore, On My Block Season 2 will likely be release date around March 2019 – similar to when the first season premiered

On My Block Season 2 cast and what to expect 

The main cast, who play characters Monse, Cesar, and Jamal are expected to return in On My Block Season 2. Deadline reports that Jessica Marie Garcia, who plays Jasmine, has been upgraded to a series regular.  

In Season 1 a shooting left Ruby and Olivia’s future in the air and it is not clear whether they will be returning in the next season. Diego Tinoco, who plays Cesar Diaz has confirmed his return on Twitter earlier this year. 

Season 2 will address who survived the tragic shooting and the showrunner Lauren Lungerich teased the fate of the characters, telling Entertainment Weekly that fans should expect the unexpected.

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