Nikki vs Derynn: Who did Pauly pick on Double Shot at Love?

DJ Pauly D on Double Shot at Love
Pauly D has to pick between Derynn and Nikki on Double Shot at Love. Pic credit: MTV

Double Shot at Love is over and Pauly D has made his decision. It came down to Derynn and Nikki as the two women still fighting to win Pauly’s heart on the show.

Pauly D’s final two are a bit shocking, especially since Derynn started out as the crazy cat lady and Nikki is just over-the-top intense. However, the Jersey Shore bachelor connected with both women and after eliminating the rest of the cast week by week, this is who managed to make it to the end.

When it was time to make his decision and pick a Double Shot at Love winner, it was pretty clear who he would pick. After all, Pauly kept Nikki around week after week despite her antics and the fact that no one else in the house cared for her.

Even Pauly’s Jersey Shore castmates warned him that Nikki was a bit too intense and that might spell trouble for him. Then again, Derynn was her own brand of weird too so no matter who Pauly chose, his time with them would be interesting.

In a last-ditch effort to win Double Shot at Love, Nikki proclaimed her love for Pauly and made it very clear that she wanted to be with him. Derynn also tried to shoot her shot but after Nikki went all in, there was no way she could compete.

When it came time to call a cab and send one of the women home, Pauly ultimately decided to send Derynn away. That surprised probably no one but what happened next was a total shock.

After Nikki told Pauly that she loved him again and was basking in her win, Pauly informed her that he was actually going to stay single.

Put off by just how far Nikki went and clearly freaked out over her admission that she was in love with him, he decided that she was probably a bit too intense and decided to just go it alone.

In the end, Pauly D was looking for a Double Shot at Love and didn’t find any love at all.

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