Nikki from Pretty Little Mamas: All you need to know, from her age to her Instagram and YouTube channels

Nikki from MTV's Pretty Little Mamas
Model Nikki, from MTV’s Pretty Little Mamas

Pretty Little Mamas has only just arrived on MTV and already there is a lot of talk about the girls on the show — including new cast member Nikki.

After being friends for years and having families of their own, can they survive to keep their friendships alive?

Nikki, whose full name is Nicole Elise, is the new addition to the group. She moved to California for college after growing up in Singapore. Her personality is unique and following the group “rules” isn’t exactly what she is used to doing.

Clashing with queen bee Nicole is happening more frequently, and now she may be on the outs with more of her friends.

Nikki is determined to be who she is regardless of what the other girls believe she should be and that causes tension. She had a faux pas at one of Nicole’s parties, and now there may be no going back.

At just 24, Nikki has a lot going for her. She is working on a modeling career and her YouTube channel is getting plenty of views. Nikki has a lot of Instagram followers already as well, and when the show airs she will likely get more.

There is a lot in store for her with a career, but not everything else in her life is going as smoothly.

Nikki’s boyfriend and the father of her daughter, Alaia, is Ryan, and the two have plenty of things to work out if they are going to take things to the next level. With all of the drama in her life right now, will Nikki be able to save her relationship?

Pretty Little Mamas airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on MTV

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