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Nightmare Next Door: Sam Strange murders two teen best friends

Crissy Campbell and her friend Dawn Donaldson were murdered by sam Strange
Crissy Campbell and her friend Dawn Donaldson were murdered by Sam Strange

Nightmare Next Door explores the case of two teen girls who went missing overnight from the town of Grass Valley, Cal.

16-year-old Dawn Donaldson and her best Friend Crissy Campbell disappeared one night and rumors flew of abduction and runaways as detectives desperately tried to track them down.

Sadly they had been brutally murdered by 20-year-old local man Sam Strange and their bodies dumped by the side of the road in nearby woods.

Strange has always maintained his innocence and said he did dispose of the bodies but only because the real perpetrators threatened his family.

However, the sledgehammer and axe used to kill the girls were from his garage and his finger prints were found on the bags containing the bodies.

Speaking about the case Nevada County Deputy District Attorney James Phillips said: “The physical evidence tied him, and no one else, to the crime.”

Strange’s most recent appeal for parole was rejected in 2015, he is currently serving two 15-life sentences with his next parole hearing in 2018.

Watch Nightmare Next Door – A Strange Trust at 9 PM on Investigation Discovery.


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