Nicole from Pretty Little Mamas is MTV’s newest star: Find out about her age, Instagram, daughter and more

Nicole from MTV's Pretty Little Mamas
Nicole from MTV’s Pretty Little Mamas

Nicole Pleskow is just 24-years old, and so far it looks like she taking the lead on Pretty Little Mamas. On the intro to what’s certain to be an MTV hit, she introduces herself and her friends to the viewing audience.

Being a great mom to Noelle is important to Nicole and it shows on Instagram. There are many pictures of the mother-daughter duo hanging out together. There’s even a new photo of Noelle’s first day of Kindergarten.

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In addition to being a mom, Nicole manages to stay busy with graduate school and her busy social calendar. Nicole has a new boyfriend Michael that not everyone likes as much as she does. That should make for some great drama!

Pretty Little Mamas is a lot like MTV’s Teen Mom franchise except with a few key differences. These girls are well off and while single parenting is hard, they clearly are not struggling.

The series promises “high fashion, cute boys and the hottest parties,” which should prove interesting to MTV viewers. Nicole still lives at home with her rich parents and has a full-time nanny to help care for her daughter Noelle.

It’s not clear what the story is yet on Noelle’s father. According to Nicole, what happened Noelle’s father will all be explained on Pretty Little Mamas as part of her storyline.

Pretty Little Mamas airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV. 

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