Nicole and Chandlar on Pretty Little Mamas: What happened to their friendship?

Chandlar during a Pretty Little Mamas confessional
Can Chandlar and Nicole make peace with Aaron still in the picture? Pic Credit: MTV

Pretty Little Mamas debuted last week and already it looks like a season full of drama among friends. Viewers were introduced to four best friends and one other girl who has been on the outs with the queen bee for years.

Nicole runs the show – that much was clear during the season premiere of Pretty Little Mamas. She has been friends with Alyssa and Cheyenne forever.

Nikki is new to the group but after showing up at Nicole’s party with uninvited guests, she may be on the outs as well.

Chandlar is also part of the network but she has been exiled for years. In fact, despite being pregnant with her second child, not one of her high school friends knew that she was expecting again.

With everything going on in her life, she needs her friends back.

Severing ties

On the season premiere of Pretty Little Mamas, Chandlar and Nicole came face to face when they both showed up to memorialize their friend Briana Williams.

She was murdered seven years ago alongside her mother, something that impacted their group badly as Williams was one of them.

It was revealed on the show that Nicole and Chandlar stopped speaking because of her current boyfriend, Aaron. When viewers met him he was reportedly under the influence of something but the specifics were not made clear.

He has been in and out of rehab, and in the previews for Pretty Little Mamas, he is still battling some demons. Now that Chandlar is having his baby, Aaron is going to be a permanent fixture.

The specifics regarding what happened between Nicole and Chandlar weren’t explained in the premiere. It definitely has to do with Aaron and Nicole spending time together without Chandlar being around.

It’s not really clear if the two crossed any lines, but it was an uncomfortable situation.

Rekindling the friendship

Cheyenne reached out to Chandlar following the memorial. She believes that giving her a second chance is something they all should consider and she talks to Nicole about it on the latest episode.

The sneak peek showed the two discussing things and the queen bee being open to hearing her former friend out.

Aaron is what everything is hinging on and, given his issues, it looks like this could be a problem for the Pretty Little Mamas.

Will Chandlar be able to reconcile with her friends and have their support as she navigates life with a man who causes chaos in nearly every situation?

Pretty Little Mamas airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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