Nichole Holmes: Who is the ageless Marriage or Mortgage host from Nashville?

Promotional still from Marriage or Mortgage.
Real estate agent Nichole Holmes is a host on Marriage or Mortgage — but how old is she? Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix’s exciting new series Marriage or Mortgage is generating a real buzz this week — thanks in a big part to its ageless co-host Nichole Holmes.

The show follows the Nashville real estate agent along with professional wedding planner Sarah Miller as they compete against each other to win over the wallets of the couples featured on the show.

At the end of each episode, the couples must choose between buying their dream house or having their dream wedding.

Who is Nichole Holmes? 

Nichole is the real estate agent extraordinaire in the series. According to her LinkedIn profile, Holmes graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1997 with a Bachelor’s degree in Radio and Television. 

She writes that she has “over 5,000 hours of live on-air experience” and is experienced in teleprompt reading and public speaking.

However, much of her early experience is in marketing and sales. Holmes also worked as a model, vendor guest and a show host for the Shop at Home Network, which was known for broadcasting programs geared towards selling collectible items. 

She then had a stint in advertising before joining the realty world in 2009. Since then, Holmes worked as a consultant for the high-end company Sotheby’s International Realty and is currently working for Affiliate Broker whom she has been in connection with for over a decade. 

Nichole Holmes’ age: How old is the Marriage or Mortgage host?

Nichole’s stunning good looks and amazing skin has got many Marriage or Mortgage viewers trying to guess how old she is. While her actual age was not made public by the show, a little detective work gives us a pretty good guess.

As shared on the realtor’s Instagram account, Holmes was a past beauty queen for the state of Illinois. She hashtagged her image “MissUSA” and added the caption, “Before you ask, yes, the sash and shoes still fit.”

Miss USA? It turns out that Nichole was second runner-up in the 1995 edition of the nationwide pageant, in which she was also crowned Miss Photogenic. An LA Times article that year actually listed her age at the time as 20 — and as the event was held in February that year, that would mean Nichole Holmes’ age today is either 46 or 47.

In a 1995 interview with the Daily Egyptian, Holmes shared that she started doing pageants at 17 years old. She started off competing in smaller, local pageants before she advanced to the state and national levels. At the time, she was also interested in pursuing a modeling career in Chicago.

The Marriage or Mortgage host also has a young daughter and a dog — pictured below enjoying a snow day back in February. 

Holmes was also listed as number nine in West Nashville’s Top 10 Residential Agents list in October 2020.

The Marriage or Mortgage host has been a joy to watch on screen as she haggles down house prices and negotiates incredible offers for the recently-engaged couples she gets to meet. She also has amazing chemistry and banter with her competition, wedding genius Sarah Miller. 

So far, there is one season of the series on Netflix. It contains ten episodes, each clocking in around 40 minutes.

Marriage or Mortgage is currently streaming on Netflix.

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