Newport or bust: Sexy big fin Chrysler challenge for Max Grundy in our exclusive clip

Max Grundy and Wayde Lundgren,
Max and Wayde head out to Ryan’s in search of the elusive Newport by Chrysler

Tonight premieres the new Discovery automotive special Max Grundy.

The premiere sees custom car guru Grundy set his sights on the classic Big Fin Chrysler as his challenge ahead of this year’s SEMA, the industry trade auto show and largest convention not open to the public that is devoted to all things cars where he will debut his two unique builds.

Despite the stress of taking on the second build ahead of the convention, Grundy’s right-hand man and master mechanic Wayde Lundgren is at the wheel as they head out to welder and “mechanical mad scientist” Ryan’s shop to secure the sexy big finned Chrysler where the second build is envisioned.

Our clip sees him driving with Wayde as he talks about his big plans for SEMA. “We also need to think of something that can blow people away and take us to the next level.”

Designer and builder Max Grundy hunts for the perfect car, but in this case, the perfect car found him. The art of the deal is on full display as Grundy wheels and deals for the iconic Big Fin Chrysler from a welder named Ryan.

He says: “Every Joe Schmoe shows up to SEMA with one build.”

“I want this damned car,” says Grundy eye-balling and salivating over the 1961 big finned Chrysler Newport, a relic of a time when cars were over-the-top moving sculptures in America.

With Wayde and the guys at Max Grundy Design, Max wants to dominate the crowded and competitive custom car world with his reimagined custom builds and eye-popping car creations that will secure his name as a legendary custom builder carsmith.

Looking to stand out in an industry that sees just about everything, Max and his “ragtag crew” prepare two larger-than-life builds, the Newport and a big truck, to bring to SEMA and hopefully score more business for his shop.

The looming deadline doesn’t seem to phase Max who risks a lot to make a big splash:

Max Grundy premieres Monday, November 6 at 10 pm ET/PT on Discovery

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