New series Undercover High follows 7 young adults as they find out how much high school has changed

Undercover High
Undercover High is a new documentary showing parents what really goes on in high schools today

Undercover High is a new documentary series on A&E that follows seven young adults as they go back to high school in secret to find out what challenges face teenagers today.

The experiment takes place in Highland Park High School in Topeka, where the volunteers aged aged 21-26 embed themselves in classes for a semester. They make friends, study in classes and generally fully immerse themselves in school life as they try and get a picture of what has changed since they were at school.

Each of them also has something different to bring to the process with the likes of a former bully, a person who was bullied, a motivational speaker and a teen mom. They hope to exact positive change on school life and the students they meet, perhaps being able to make a difference to those having a tough time.

They also expect to see some big differences since they were high schoolers, with mobile phones and social media making big changes to where, when and how kids interact with each other and even their school.

The participants have all gone through extensive background checks, had meetings with school administrators, psychologists and councillors.

Tune in to find out how much teenage life has changed in the last decade.

Undercover High airs on Tuesdays at  10:00 PM ON A&E.

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