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New series on Bravo asks: Could you survive Stripped of everything for 3 weeks?

Ali on Stripped
Ali on smiles as Justin tries to find them some foliage to protect their modesty on Stripped

Stripped is a brand new series from Bravo that find out what really matters in people’s lives by stripping them of all their worldly possessions.

What would your life be like if you were stripped of everything you own for three weeks? Your money, things you love, furniture and even you clothes all taken leaving you with nothing. Imagine you then had to continue going about your life without all these things that you’ve previously deemed essential to your day.

Justin on Stripped
Justin is fairly practical

Each day they are allowed to visit the shipping container where all their possessions are being stored. They can grab one item per day to make their new life a little easier, though obviously that first naked visit requires some creative thinking!

That’s what this new series from Bravo aims to find out as it strips back the facade we build up with the possessions we accumulate during our lives. The format is based on a popular Scandinavian show and aims to find out what is really important to people when you take away all the props.

Ali and Justin move their couch back home in pieces
The couch counts as one item but involves a fair bit of transporting

In this premiere episode fashion stylist Ali and her partner accountant Justin have to forgo the 10,000 items they have in their house and get to grips with where they really want to go in life. Ali loves all her designer goods but Justin seems more interested in a family, could the three weeks of being stripped be just what they need?

Stripped airs on Tuesdays 10:00 – 11:00 PM on Bravo .

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