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New Fear the Walking Dead spinoff: Dead in the Water will explore crew trapped inside a submarine

The new Fear the Walking Dead series, Dead in the Water, will delve into members of a crew trapped inside a submarine
The new Fear the Walking Dead series, Dead in the Water, will delve into members of a crew trapped inside a submarine. Pic credit: AMC

A new announcement has reportedly been made by AMC regarding a spinoff series for Fear the Walking Dead, according to Comic Book.

Titled Dead in the Water, the original scripted series will focus on a submarine crew trapped during the zombie apocalypse.

The latest installment will link to Fear the Walking Dead, and further details will be revealed in Season 6 of the hit post-apocalyptic series when it premieres on April 11.

However, it is unclear if this will occur in the premiere or subsequent episodes.

The announcement was apparently made on Friday regarding Dead in the Water. The digital series will be produced by Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, who has previously been involved in the franchise.

The chief content officer for The Walking Dead, Scott Gimple, will also act as executive producer on the new series.

All the Dead in the Water details so far

Dead in the Water will tell “the story of a submarine crew fighting for survival, cut off from the surface world just as the apocalypse hits, becoming a nuclear-fueled walker-filled death trap with no way out.”

Already, in Fear the Walking Dead, the question of what happens to nuclear products and facilities when the end of the world occurs has been brought to viewers’ attention.

Previously, Morgan (Lennie James) had contact with Grace (Karen David) because she was a worker at a nuclear power plant.

It comes as no surprise that Morgan will be the catalyst for the Dead in the Water series.

Morgan finds a key in the Season 6 premiere of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead
Morgan finds a key in the Season 6 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC

As Comic Book points out in another article, Morgan found a key in the first half of Season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead, as well as a submarine that had washed up on the shore at Galveston, Texas.

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Painted on its side was the slogan that has regularly popped up lately in the TV show: “The end is the beginning.”

It is believed that this key is for the submarine. However, it is unclear how Morgan will interact with those trapped on board the submarine and will likely be a focal point of Dead in the Water.

AMC aims to deliver a variety of content set within The Walking Dead universe

Dead in the Water is not the first spin-off series for The Walking Dead. Besides Fear the Walking Dead, AMC recently aired the first half of a limited series called The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which looked more closely at the mysterious CRM group.

The network has also previously included short webisodes that helped flesh out certain characters and stories within The Walking Dead universe.

Flight 462 also told the story of a doomed plane flight that helped introduce a new character, Alex (Michelle Ang), who appeared briefly in Fear the Walking Dead.

Jacob Pinion, who scripted the six-episode digital tie-in series The Althea Tapes, will also be tasked with writing Dead to the World.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 returns April 11 on AMC.

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